Remediation S.r.l. for the remediation of groundwater, soils and treatment in situ and on site, also pasty sludge and, in accordance with law 152/06 and subsequent amendments, has its own know-how with specific procedures for:


 "Leak Detection" Technologies and Tank Testing.

 Characterization of subsurface and contamination

  • Nature, characterization, quantification and extent of contamination;
  • Geological, hydrogeological, hydrochemical features of site;
  • Analysis and special  tests field   hydraulic and bio-characterization;
  • Modeling of information system GIS - Hydrogeological Model;
  • Pilot tests and feasibility studies of technologies applicable according to the objectives of the intervention;
  • Acceptability limits or objectives of mitigation and containment.

 Safety measures

Depending on the nature, extent and characterization of contamination and of risk classification, are addressed to the work of safety measures what they may consider the removal of the source, containment and mitigation of the contamination.


Processes and remediation technologies

Pilot scale tests of feasibility, design and sizing of drainage systems and processes in situ and on site. Design and carry out programs of remediation.

Start up, Management and Support of remediation processes.

  • Launch control and the operation of installations and equipment for cleaning;
  • Training of personnel for the conduct and management of processes and equipment for cleaning;
  • Management and running even in the "Global Service" processes and reclamation systems.

Remediation Technologies and Processes.


  • Separate Recovery Phases of Contaminant
  • Water pumping groundwater
  • Excavation of Soil


  • Bioventing
  • Air Sparging
  • Venting
  • Washing
  • Bioremediation
Management of environmental emergencies

Objective: assimilation of emergency management to the safety of equipment and personnel.

Remediation S.r.l. offers the following services:
  • Formation of teams operating P.I..
  • Planning. predisposition of preventive action to make more effective the P. I..
  • Setup of UEPI - Ecological Units of PI - Innovative technologies designed to operate independently, the "wastes minimization", the simplicity and rapidity of the intervention, to reduce costs.
  • Emergency management. Managing technical economic of intervention. Technical operational coordination.